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The good news is that I was told I would keep all my settings but loose all my old recordings, but the recordings were still there after the upgrade.

Is there another step I need to complete maybe from within IE?

My new computer does not allow me to install this because of some publisher verification check. Thanx Tony You didn't say which DVR your using, but my Intellicam JS-RTA-D1 DVR used for remote viewing using IE.

I can not change the internet security settings and can not access GPEDIT. I had the same issue, the company PC had security policies that prevented the auto-install of the program.

The other option was to use the client software, but the web client seemed to work better for me. I replaced my ICRealtime DVR with an Intellicam JS-RTA-D1 and I had the software confused. The client software is pretty bad, terribly unfriendly and sometimes just gives me wierd errors written in the worst Engrish ever .

I will try the procedure you've written and see what happens. How difficult is it to install and will it require me to re-setup the system again?

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