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They were barely both out the door when Penny turned to me asking, "Ok Brad, so where's the other movie you brought home? Stupidly, I tried to pretend I had no idea what she was talking about, which is when she stood up, walked over to the coat-closet, and reached into my jacket pocket producing the second movie I'd secretly, or thought secretly rather, that I'd brought home. "Yeah, I know what you mean, been like that for me too." At first I felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable as the movie began, going into a rather steamy sex-scene almost immediately, though its intent was to set up the rest of the story-line and plot which I commented on being really interested in. The real problem was, I had an erection that was giving me fits."Ah, now I see why you tried to hide this one," she said holding it up and reading it. And my own sister wasn't helping much either, though I tried very hard not to think about that.Still, it had been an unbelievable adventure for me to spend time watching them, and then getting nervously worried about it having done so, and carefully putting them all back just the way I had found them. I saw the flicker of the old projector and thought maybe they were watching some of our old home movies, and I thought it was kind of sweet of them to be doing so, so I took special care not to alert them I was even home and figured to slip quietly into my room and let them have that time together. Even so, we pulled the pull-down ladder back up into the ceiling with us as we entered the attic, turning on the only two dimly lit light bulbs that we had to even see by.When I quickly passed by the room heading towards my own room, which was downstairs then, I almost fell over. The room smelled musty as well as dusty, but neither one of us really seemed to mind. "Almost feel like we have to be quiet while we're up here, with mom or dad wondering where we are, and us having to be quiet about it being up here or else them catching us and wondering what we've been up too." "Yeah, does sort of feel like that doesn't it? I produced the hammer that I'd brought along with me.

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I know I shouldn't have, but under the circumstances I was allowing my arousal to guide my thoughts rather than in ignoring them as I otherwise might have done.It had been over a year now since a horrible accident had claimed the lives of our parents.Penny and I had immediately assumed the role of guardianship though it certainly wasn't anything we'd ever planned for or expected to have to do.I couldn't even remember the last time I'd been out on a date, let alone slept with a woman either. That had continued on most of our spent life together with Penny being there to talk to when I first lost my virginity, and she hers. "It's pretty naughty," I added as a final additional warning. So the problem for me at the moment was my sister sitting on the couch next to me with what I'd discovered a short time ago, as her hard little nipples had peaked, pressing against the tight form fitting tank top she was wearing anyway as the movie continued and obviously had aroused us both.So it wasn't like we had a lot of secrets that we kept from one another, but now in the new roles we'd suddenly been put in, that intimate friendly relationship we'd always had, had all but disappeared. Luckily for me in a way, my arousal, though less noticeable and far more uncomfortable, didn't stand out like a lighthouse beacon the way Penny's were.We had just managed to get through the recent crisis and saw better days looming ahead.To celebrate, we'd actually ordered in pizza, something we hadn't been able to do for quite some time.I'd actually begun to look forward to the movie finally ending so I could make the excuse that it was time for bed, then relieve the stress and arousal which I'd been doing for several month's now. The one time that he and my mother had gone away for the weekend together, he'd actually left his keys behind, and finding myself also alone as all three of my sisters had quickly scattered into the night on adventures of their own, had left me with "idle" hands and a curiosity about that secretly locked box that I couldn't overcome. You know, I've never even seen an X-rated movie before," she added curiously. I mean they were good in the respect that they'd given me plenty of jerk-off material to think on for a while, but did she mean good as in story lines or production capability? Even after a year there was a lot we hadn't dealt with yet, some things we needed to, but had procrastinated in doing for one reason or another. " "Because I'd like to see one," she told me just as honestly. "Guess we could find out," I heard myself telling her, surprised now that I was.Then out of the blue, she turned towards me and asked. I had been surprised of course to discover my father's collection of early-on porn videos, found many of them fascinating even though a lot of them if not most were without sound. One of which was going through the attic where a lot of things were still kept in storage, including a lot of old clothes, furniture, and an old metal box with dad's movies sitting in it. "The only reason I ever knew they existed was because I came home once unexpectedly, and found mom and dad actually sitting in the downstairs den watching them. It was early yet, so there was no real worry about either one of the girls coming home.Prior to the accident, I could have cared less what my sisters did when they were out and away from home, afterwards, I tended to question everything they did, and every place they went until Penny, who had assumed the role of mother, put her foot down."Brad, you're being too over protective," she told me.

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