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While they were at times fitted with mast and sails, their primary propulsion was either oars or poles.

The sails were merely supplemental for traveling down wind.

Their inefficiency at beating to windward made them impractical as sailing vessels, and they were not very safe in open water.

James Mansfield says that in the fall of 1678, La Salle built a vessel of about 10 tons burden at Fort Frontenac and that this vessel, named Frontenac, was the first real sailing vessel on the Great Lakes; specifically, on Lake Ontario (which some at the time called Lac de Frontenac). There is reason, however, to question his assertion.

Their mission was to begin selecting a site for the construction of Le Griffon and to erect necessary structures for shelter, storage, and defense.

Because the wind was strong from the north, they sailed close to the north shore of the lake, putting in for the nights in various bays along the way.

5, the Region sent a letter to The Standard asking the paper to put its request on hold so that Caslin’s request could be processed first.

Prior to this, wreckage from Le Griffon was thought to have possibly been located near Fairport, Michigan by US wreck diver Steve Libert in 2004. Le Griffon was the first full-sized sailing ship on the upper Great Lakes of North America and she led the way to modern commercial shipping in that part of the world. French explorer René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, sought a Northwest Passage to China and Japan to extend France's trade.

Since then, ownership of the potential remains has been the subject of lawsuits involving the discoverers, the state of Michigan, the U. Creating a fur trade monopoly with the Native Americans would finance his quest and building Le Griffon was an "essential link in the scheme".

Lawrence." None of these sources ascribe a name to any of these vessels.

While the journals of Tonti, Hennepin, and Le Clercq (participants with La Salle) do mention a little vessel of 10 tons, none of them apply a name to it.

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