Eclipse updating indexes slow

If nothing else, they feel like clutter that gets in the way of people seeing (just) the repositories that I'm actively proud of, want to attract attention to, and think that people might find something useful in.Putting something up on Github just so people can get a copy of it feels not so much wrong as out of place; that's not what I use my Github presence for.But a certain amount of it is the straightforward and logical consequence of the common view that Github is part of your developer resume.We curate our resumes, and if our Github presence is part of that, well, we're going to curate that too.

Some of the time people are going to look at your profile, your activities, and your repositories to assess your clue level, especially if you're reporting something tangled and complex.To put it one way, Github has become a little bit too formal, or at least I perceive it as having done so.What has done this to Github is that more and more, people will look at your Github presence and form judgements based on what they see.If enabling IPv6 SMTP is opening yourself to a flood of professional spam operations that will immediately pounce in the hopes that your defenses are low, you probably want to think twice about that (or at least make quite sure that your defenses aren't).My current belief is that in the next few years, IPv6 email spam will almost entirely be the incidental side effect of random dual-stack machines instead of deliberate work by professional spammers.It packs a lot of useful filters making it easy to automate video capture.Here is an example: Using The Secret Font of Monkey Island, some text is added to the right of the video.A public portfolio of work always tries to put your best foot forward, and even if that's not necessarily my goal with my Github presence, I still know that that's how people may take it.All of this makes me feel uncomfortable about throwing messy experiments and one-off hacks up on Github.On a 4:3 display, this mode doesn’t feature square pixels: they are stretched vertically by a factor of 1.2.The above videos were recorded with FFmpeg (and edited with Blender).

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