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With that in mind, don’t feel pressured into thinking the first date that comes along is your only chance.Going on a few dates with a few different people will remind you there really are plenty of fish in the sea.Ease in gently If you’ve been single for a while, or still feel wounded from your last breakup, the thought of another full-on relationship can be daunting.Multi-dating could be just the thing to help ease you back into the game.Online dating services have become a way for people to meet and date one another.In some cases, this is a way for people to meet and marry their significant other.

So just relax and enjoy the process of meeting somebody – or somebodies – new, before you start thinking about what the long-term future might hold.You could end up discovering that your ideal partner isn’t quite who you thought after all.For a FREE 3 DAY TRIAL on click HERE Why multi-dating is bad Quantity over quality Choice is a funny thing. At first, you’re happy at being so spoilt for choice – but the more you read, the more you realise it just means a statistically higher chance of making the wrong choice!For many others, online dating is a study in frustration and disillusionment. There are websites that proclaim that they have “scientific methods” of matching people.Studies have shown that the methods used by these websites do not yield the hoped for results.With a smaller menu, you can quickly and confidently identify what you’ll enjoy most.The same applies to dating – it’s about quality not quantity.So you can take your time, and keep your options open.So what if date number one, two and three are rubbish; dates four and five might be awesome.What is the old saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” This is why so many people complain that after selecting someone to date from an online service, the actual person turns out to be nothing like what they expected or hoped for.

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  1. why would you be attached to one girl when you can choose between many before you've made up your mind which one you want to be with permanently...

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