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And yet that silence is supported by the products of the monastery, which those of us outside should be happy to consume (think of it as part of your tithe! The reader will have to forgive my title’s use of Clinton’s now abandoned policy on homosexuality in the military.It seemed apropos in light of the cheeky line on the bottle of Chartreuse describing their recipe: “Protected by vows of silence” (I say cheeky, because no such vow actually exists).His words hit hard and profoundly as it seems that the silence has prepared the viewer to hear them as the culmination of the film.Ironically, the silent life nestled in the French Alps is also the source of a great cultural achievement, the outstanding liqueur, Chartreuse.It is a receipt for the candies and liqueur, Chartreuse, made by the monastery.In these lives completely dedicated to prayer and silence, the business of the world enters, though almost imperceptibly.Indeed, only two monks know the recipe, composed of 130 Alpine herbs.

He and his wife Anne have six children and he is a Benedictine oblate. From the 1950s to the 1970s, jazz took the world by storm in response to popular jazz broadcasts such as Willis Conover’s Voice of America radio show, Music USA. These remarkable American jazz musicians were enthusiastically welcomed from Africa to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Department of State sent dozens of America’s greatest jazz musicians to tour the globe becoming known as “the Jazz Ambassadors.” Recognizing the cross-cultural appeal of jazz, American Jazz Ambassadors were able to transcend national boundaries, build new cultural bridges, and tell a larger story about freedom in America. Department of State sent America’s greatest jazz musicians—“The Jazz Ambassadors—touring worldwide.When the film Into Great Silence came out in American theatres back in 2007, a student of mine, who is a high school religion teacher, took some of his students to see it. The students, accustomed to fast paced entertainment, couldn’t handle the presentation of the life of the Carthusian monks of the monastery of the Grand Chartreuse in France.I don’t think this is an indication of the quality of the film.Not all of us can enter into the silence of the monastery.Some of us, indeed, wrongly consider it akin to eternal torment.The film Into Great Silence is an important witness to genuine monastic culture, although the reaction that many have toward it may be just as significant.This reaction shows us that we cannot live without the constant distractions in our perpetual rat race.There is a scene in the film where the prior is sitting at his desk buried in paperwork.The camera zooms in on one particular paper and it is possible to see the writing on it.

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