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A fabulously intimate affair to remember, this wedding was nothing short of amazing.From their gorgeous first dance together to the groom’s toast to his beautiful bride, this wedding day was truly magical to be a part of – every moment of the day!They will also encourage you to tell a parent or supportive adult as this can be helpful when making decisions about sexual health.If they decide it is in your best interests and your physical and/or mental health would suffer if you didn’t have access to contraception then they can prescribe the agreed contraceptive. In Tasmania, there is no minimum age of consent for medical treatment.The magical day didn’t end there, friends and family went on to celebrate the couple through the evening.The toasts were full of laughter and love, genuine and certainly from the heart.The following information relates to the current law in Tasmania.This is general information only; please see a lawyer for personal legal advice. The doctor or nurse will usually encourage you to talk to a parent, carer or trusted adult.

If you send material with the intention to menace, harass or cause harm, this could a be crime. In Tasmania, if you are aware that you have a sexually transmissible infection you must take steps to protect other people from becoming infected.If you require medication or a medical procedure, they will need to make sure you care capable of giving informed consent. By law, doctors and nurses are required to keep most of the information about you confidential.If they are concerned someone is going to be seriously harmed or killed, or if they suspect or know a child is being abused or harmed, then they have a duty to report this to a relevant authority (i.e Police, Child Protection, Gateway Services).You need to fill out a form which can be found here: Medicare Card.If you are under 15 years old you will be on your family’s Medicare card.Bonnie and Tim said “I do” in a spectacularly special fashion at Home Hill Winery surrounded by family and friends.The bride and her girls got ready in the Avalon City Retreat that overlooks Salamanca markets and really made the most of their bridal suite moments.From champagne toasts, laughter, tears of joy, and gorgeous welcoming moments to “the Paine family”– love truly filled the air at Bonnie and Tim’s wedding reception.Bonnie and Tim’s wedding boasted of pure, classic elegance every step of the way.To do this, they will talk to you to make sure you understand the nature of the medication or procedure used to terminate the pregnancy and the risks.Many women find it helpful to have a supportive person when making a decision about termination.

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