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Feel positive about the date, and the person you’re meeting will feel positive around you too.Remember, positive energy always attracts positive energy. Treat your date with respect and remember to be courteous and kind during the date.It’s the perfect way to start the game of touchy flirting.

Finding the passionate common ground will help both of you realize just how common both your likes and dislikes are.

Ever wondered what it takes to impress someone within the first few minutes?

[Read: The perfect things to talk about within the first few minutes of the date] 20 first date conversation tips to charm your date Impressing a date takes more than just words.

Smiling is a great way to cut the awkwardness of the first date.

Smile often, and your date will feel more relaxed and comfortable around you immediately. If you’re eager to meet you date or are excited to see them, make sure it shows.

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