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The show has been responsible for 93 reunions and approximately 40% of the fugitives profiled on the series since its premiere have been apprehended.

________________________________________ Unsolved Mysteries Specials Unsolved Mysteries began with a single special on the night of January 20, 1987 hosted by Raymond Burr.

Update: Raymond Beaver Tempest was convicted of the murder of Doreen Picard several years after the crime. ________________________________________ Broadcast history: Sep 1988-Sep 1994, NBC Wed - Sep 1994, NBC Sun - Oct 1994-Sep 1997, NBC Fri - Apr 1998-May 1998, CBS Fri - Jul 1998-Aug 1998, CBS Fri - Apr 1999-Aug 1999, CBS Fri - Jul 2001-Sep 2002, Lifetime Mon-Fri - ________________________________________ 1988-1989 (1st Season / NBC) ________________________________________ October 5, 1988 The occasional series begins a weekly run, focusing first on UFO sightings and supposed photographs over Gulf Breeze, Fla.; fugitive Joe Shepard wanted for two murders, who escaped from a Tennessee prison more than 10 years ago; and divorced mother Gayle Delano from Maine who vanished while supposedly on a date with someone she met in a personals columns. ________________________________________ December 21, 1988 Segments on murdered Texas woman Marilu Geri whose life insurance policy is the source of a family dispute; Los Angeles man Matthew Chase who vanished after withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine; a 70-year old Hungarian immigrant who's trying to locate a U. soldier who befriended him 40 years ago at a refugee camp in Austria.

________________________________________ October 12, 1988 A recap of D. Coopers 1971 airline hijacking and extortion, and his subsequent disappearance after parachuting out of the plane over Washington State; new forensic evidence suggesting murder in the 1987 deaths of teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry on a Bryant, Ark., railroad track; a story on missing memorabilia acquired by a Medford, Ore., sports collector Dennis Walker, who died in Las Vegas in 1987; and an update on a previous report on a prison escapee. ________________________________________ January 4, 1989 Reports on the death of California deejay Lee Selwyn in October 1988 and the disappearance of Michael Rosenblum on Valentines Day 1980.

Several women are shown who are wanted for these crimes. Final Appeal Glen Consagra is serving two life sentences for killing his two friends. George Marsh, a retired laborer, died in a KC nursing home in 1982. ________________________________________ Special #4 November 29, 1987 Synopsis: Robert Stack hosts this fourth edition of the program that uses interviews with witnesses and reenactments to examine real-life mysteries. Update: Walter Ogrod was found guilty of the murder of Barbara Jean Horn.

________________________________________ Special #1 January 20, 1987 Synopsis: Donald Kemps van was found idling in the middle of an intersection, belongings strewn on the ground but he was missing.

ok the bank president, Ray Deering, and his family at gunpoint before escaping. More wanted fugitives shown from FBI 10 Most Wanted List. Cooper - A crime immortalized by time / D. Cooper ID Files The Train Deaths (Don Henry and Kevin Ives) ________________________________________ October 26, 1988 This Halloween edition delves into the claim that the Queen Mary (which is docked in Long Beach) is haunted by a sailors ghost.

(Repeated August 9, 1987) ________________________________________ Special #2 May 25, 1987 Synopsis: Wanda Jean Mays disappeared a year earlier from her aunt & uncles home in the middle of the night. Other segments examine the forces that drove the Tallman family from its home; rumors about haunted 18th-century General Wayne Inn in Merion, Pa.; apparitions that torment a Georgia couple whose home is located on a Civil War battle site.

01/09 - Girlfriends - The Complete Series 01/16 - Trial & Error - The Complete First Season 01/22 - Superior Donuts - Season One 01/23 - Baskets - The Complete Season Two 02/06 - All in the Family - Seasons 1-5 02/06 - Bosom Buddies - The Complete Series 02/13 - Broad City - Season 4 02/13 - Three's Company - The Complete Series - Come and Knock on Our Door Collection 02/27 - Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Seventh Season 02/27 - Green Acres - The Complete Fifth Season 02/27 - Mayberry R. I also used all of my NBC episodes to fill in as much information as possible.

We do want these to be as complete and accurate as possible so if you have any updates, corrections or additions to add please let me know and I can adjust the Episode Guide according. Unsolved Mysteries - Episode Guide The following summaries come from TV Guide as they originally aired. It should not be considered 100% accurate, however, as sometimes what actually aired was different from what TV Guide listed.

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