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Blumer played as an end, guard and a series of other positions.During his first year of his doctorate, he also scored two touchdowns for the Cardinals.According to Herbert Blumer, the most valid and desirable social research is conducted through qualitative, ethnographic methodology.He persistently critiqued the idea that the only form of valid knowledge is derived through a totally objective perspective.During World War II, he had a role as an arbitrator for the national steel industry.Blumer played football professionally for the Chicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cardinals), a team in the American Professional Football Association which would later become the NFL.Herbert Blumer was constantly being grounded in the world of economics and labor, insofar as having to drop out of high school to help his father’s woodworking shop.Moreover, during the summer, Blumer worked as a roustabout to pay for his college education.

First, is the identification of the objects that have situational meaning.

Concluding that there is little validity in research that attempted to understand the social world objectively, Blumer felt that objective interpretations of society are intrinsically bias to the researchers social location and thus have little empirical value.

Blumer believed that society is not made up of macrostructures, but rather that the essence of society is found in microstructures, specifically in actors and their actions.

Then, in 1925, he relocated to the University of Chicago, a university where he was greatly influenced by the social psychologist George Herbert Mead and sociologists W. Blumer was the secretary treasurer of the American Sociological Association from 1930–1935 and was the editor of the American Journal of Sociology from 1941-1952.

In 1952, he moved from the University of Chicago and presided and developed the newly formed Sociology Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

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