Is nicki minaj and safaree still dating

Now check that."Rest assured, Nicki will be just fine without Meek by her side.

"Nowadays, I feel like [young women] see marrying into money—I think that's a big thing now.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, Safaree blamed Meek for the breakup and accused Nicki of infidelity during the recording of her 2014 album ."Meek, he had a lot to do with it with me and her breaking up," Safaree told Williams around the mark of the interview.

"The last album, whether people know or not, I was a part of the whole creating process up until the last month and a half of it.

Throughout the course of their relationship, rumors swirled that Nicki and Meek were secretly engaged.

"He said that my third ring would be my engagement ring.

But I just know for me, that’s somebody that I spent a lot of time with and I don’t want to try to do anything to pull her down.” On Nicki’s alleged plastic surgery: “It’s 2017.

If you’re a woman and you want to feel better about yourself, if you had a baby and your breasts sag, or you want to make your hips look bigger or whatever, I’m all for women, if y’all want to make yourselves look nice, you can do whatever y’all wanna do.

Not at all.” On his message to his ex: “Do what’s right. Historically, both musicians have shied away from publicly discussing their private lives.Meek for example, told in the spring of 2016, she said she was "single"—even though she was dating Meek at the time."Being in a relationship shouldn't mean that you lose your voice.Being in a relationship should mean that you've met a secure-enough man to allow you, in a sense, to remain a queen."Nicki was quick to correct her man, tweeting, "No matter wut he, or anyone else says, Onika Tanya Maraj won't b pushing anyone1 out her vajayjay, until she's married. Amid widespread reports that the rappers had called it quits, Nicki took to Twitter Thursday to end the speculation once and for all. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon," Nicki said."Have a blessed New Year."The "Truffle Butter" rapper added, "Love u."Nicki, 34, and Meek, 29, began dating in early 2015.“The last year and year-and-a-half, it just got really different,” he said. At the end of the day, Meek had a lot to do with me and her breaking up.” According to him, Nicki’s Meek romance became apparent during the making of The Pinkprint.“The last album, whether people know or not, I was a part of the creative process up until the last month-and-a-half of it,” he said.You're tough like a guy and you talk like a dude.' So, I always got the sense that me being tough and bossy was a turn-on for him.And it's important for me to keep my voice," she explained.

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