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Self-love surely doesn’t come more intense than this, but Yul Brynner apparently came close.No actor ever talked about himself so much, Langella recalls. The shaven-headed star — ‘never far from a full-length mirror’ — once gave Langella and his former wife, Ruth, a lift in his 20ft-long white limo.Brynner even showed off a pair of blinding flash lights which he kept handy ‘in case blacks attack my car’.He was just telling Sir Rex what a great honour it was to meet him when the British star cut him dead.As the hours wore on, Langella just wanted to get home.‘Could anyone, I wondered, be so unaware of what a crashing bore he had become? ‘There sat a man approximately 52 years of age, looking ten years older, dressed in black mink, with heavily applied pancake [make-up], under a tortured, balding helmet of jet black hair, grandly reciting tiresome poetry.’At least, says Langella, Burton wasn’t terrified of playing roles that might make audiences question his heterosexuality — unlike Harrison and Laurence Olivier.They had connecting suites and spent many weeks in each other’s company — reading the newspapers and gossiping in the morning, and dining together at night.

Frankly, we don’t care how famous you are, once you reach 50 you’ve pretty much earned the right to socialize with whoever you want without having to worry about getting caught in a walk of shame by the press.

But in the case of Barbara Walters and Frank Langella we’re going to make an exception for two reasons.

1) If they are dating we’re happy that they’ve managed to find someone close(ish) in age. 2) Frank used to live with Barbara’s “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg a decade ago.

The couple — playing mother and son in the film — spent every evening together in her rooms, working their way through endless bottles of bourbon and wine as she reminisced mournfully about the good old days.‘Don’t stare at me, baby.

You can see me in the movies,’ she told him loftily one night, but when he left her for the last time after several weeks, Hayworth ran out to the car and pleaded: ‘Don’t leave me.

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