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When you do that take out your chainsaw gun and press B and X at the same time over a shotgun.

to do it, stand right next to a corner, around which you would like to snipe, then simply use the left trigger (aim button on the PC) and very slowly edge around the corner.To everyone else, your player will be in the running position, while still able to look about, & fire his weapon.Some people refer to this stance as looking like a bull or crab, earning the nicknames "roadie running" or "crab walking".When one crab walks, they can run in any direction and fire any weapon without stopping, thus making killing or downing people extremely easy.Caution: While you are crab walking you will be susceptible to becoming stuck on the wall you performed the original glitch upon.If performed correctly, your character will run into cover of the wall, while picking up your weapon of choice.To other characters, you will seem to ignore the weapon completely. but as soon as you press A to hop over flick down on the left stick and then it will make your character cancel.But other people don't see you invisible on there screen.Shotgun Chainsaw Glitch- For this glitch you need to swap any weapon for your shotgun.While on that wall, simply walk in cover & press X (weapon pick-up).Your player will pick up the weapon while "sliding" on that wall.

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