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What are the odds that Sarah would be there too, at the same resort, accompanied by her new dude, a beaded, bangled, and tattooed British rocker with the perfect Blighty name of Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)? A dark-haired new woman helps Peter forget Sarah Marshall; she’s a cat-eyed beauty named Rachel (Mila Kunis) who works at the hotel and is as magically unpretentious, easygoing, and attracted to the hurtin’ Peter as Sarah is brittle and duplicitous.(In fact, Bell, from really does forget Sarah Marshall, or at least puts her in perspective — her and all the Sarahs who mess with the heads of their Peters.The droopy physical doughiness of the hero (and his fearless creator), with his hangdog posture and flatfooted walk, is key to his unlikely attractiveness.He’s not a nerd, not a commitmentphobe, not an adult virgin in need of special handling or a stripling looking for experience.Soccer mom Amy (Kunis), thwarted by the controlling PTA, befriends repressed Kiki (Bell) and outrageous Carla (Hahn).Rude, crude and raucous but nevertheless rather pleasing feelgood froth, championing bad behaviour as a solution to social repression.Members of the Knocked Up/Superbad crew reunite for another irreverent comedy in the comely shape of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.Jason Segel is likeable as leading man/loser Peter, who's dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend Ms Marshall (Kristen Bell) in the opening scene.

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After four months of dating, Brand proposed to his musician girlfriend Katy Perry during a New Year’s Eve vacation in India. Brand filed for divorce in December 2012, reportedly announcing his intention to do so in a text message to his wife.A popular manga in Japan since 1952, and a cult TV show in the US since the early 1980s, Astro Boy makes a bid for worldwide domination in this flashy but flatly realised animation.A robot child cloned by Dr Tenma (voiced by Cage) from the DNA of his dead son, the titular space age Pinocchio (Highmore), is rejected by…Run-of-the-mill implausible sequin-fest featuring Aguilera as a small-town girl who quits her waitressing job to make it as a singer and is taken under the grizzled wing of former dancer (and failing burlesque club owner) Cher.A potentially fluffy romantic fantasy is stretched far beyond breaking point with this feature about a career-fixated, New Yorker who picks four coins out of a magic fountain in Rome, thereby attracting the attentions of four deeply unsuitable men.Another in the line of wedding-related comedies in which Marni (Bell) realises her brother is marrying her high school nemesis, JJ (Yustman).Sadly the film fizzles into mediocrity as the script fails to move past lowbrow slapstick, despite a number of amusing cameos.Dress as your favourite character and don't worry if you aren't word perfect – the lyrics appear on screen. Yul (Shepard), a former getaway driver, finds that he and lecturer girlfriend Annie (Bell) are being pursued by Yul's arch-enemy Alex (Cooper), leading to much violent problem-solving.Shepard is a personable leading man but as writer and co-director of this grating and derivative action flick, he's bitten off more than…In this Kickstarter-funded spin-off of the TV series, Veronica (Bell) is a budding lawyer who returns to her hometown to solve one more mystery.Bell inhabits the title role with aplomb, the writing is characteristically sassy and although it seems very much one for the fans, they won't be disappointed.

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