Uva dating violence

I’ve summarized elsewhere on this site two very important sexual assault studies that contradict the stereotypes.

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There’s been more than enough research to demonstrate that, in the US, approximately 80% of the rape of women involves an intimate partner, relative or acquaintance, rather than a cold-blooded stranger lurking in the dark; that 80% to 90% of rapes don’t involve a weapon; and that 60% to 90% don’t result in any treated injury.

Paradoxically, neglecting male rape is bad for women and girls.

Given the lack of societal concern about male rape and the hesitancy of male victims to report, data about male rape is wanting.

And sexual assault against gay men remains unchecked due to assumptions that, as was once commonly assumed about women, gay men who have been raped must have “asked for it.” Numerous instruments in the human rights canon, including UN treaties, resolutions, consensus documents, and general comments address sexual violence while explicitly excluding male victims.

[This] reifies hierarchies that treat some victims as more sympathetic than others, perpetuates norms that essentialize women as victims, and imposes unhealthy expectations about masculinity on men and boys.

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