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To stay competitive in this new market requires playing by a new set of rules.

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We like well-run general insurance companies with a plan for measured growth and a need for capital.w=200" data-large-file=" w=200" src=" w=295&h=296" width="295" height="296" data-original-width="295" data-original-height="296" itemprop=" title="Natalie Wallis Mortgage Underwriter at Scotiabank Scotiabank Hamilton, Ontario, Canada" alt="Natalie Wallis Mortgage Underwriter at Scotiabank Scotiabank Hamilton, Ontario, Canada" style="width: 295px; height: 296px;" / Bartja/Wallis and its masterminds, Jeff Bartja and Natalie Wallis of Scotia Bank and Brad Bartja of the Bank of Montreal in Canada were the subject of accusations that Bartja / Wallis is a Ponzi and an asset freeze.It was alleged that they were operating a pyramid scheme with 12,000 investors that evolved into a Ponzi scheme.But above all, the greatest duty of an insurer must be their dedication and loyalty to the communities that they serve.We firmly believe that community-based insurers better serve their policyholders and outperform the industry as a whole.Primary Goal Our primary goal is to bring resources to the table and allow management to focus on serving their communities – allowing the business to operate from a standpoint of an abundance of resources rather than scarcity.If not an established tradition already, we hope to create a new tradition – a tradition of cutting-edge innovation and a better overall model to the insurance enterprise that produces exceptional overall returns.Evolving digital ecosystems are having substantial impact on customer acquisition and customer engagement.Injecting innovation and energy into engaging insurance customers will have a significant impact on the willingness of insureds and brokers to do business with you.Having the thought and technical leadership in shaping the new digital ecosystems driving the future of this new generation of insurers is our central mission.Our management have lived through the shift Canadian banks made decades ago to completely reorient themselves around the customer experience – the insurance industry is now adopting the same measures and we are eager to take a leadership role in their implementation.

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