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Oak Ridge coach Steve White stamped Cosumnes Oaks as legitimate.

3-seeded Wolfpack gained a 52-41 victory over a storied program, garnering the attention of the rest of the D-I bracket in the process.However, wartime constraints limited the availability of labor and materials.Rather than performing time-consuming grading, houses were adjusted to fit the contours of the land.A Montgomery County high school chemistry teacher and her husband are in custody, facing several drug-related charges.Haivan Bui, who teaches chemistry at both Oak Ridge High School and Lone Star College, is charged with possession with intent to deliver/manufacture a controlled substance.By the time President Roosevelt authorized the Manhattan Project on December 28, 1942, work on the east Tennessee site where the first production facilities were to be built was already underway.On Saturday, September 19, Groves had approved the acquisition of 59,000 acres of land along the Clinch River, 20 miles west of Knoxville, Tennessee.By the time the Manhattan Engineer District headquarters were moved from Washington, DC to Tennessee in the summer of 1943 (Groves kept the Manhattan Project's office in Washington and placed Col. Nichols in command at Tennessee), estimates for the town of Oak Ridge had been revised upward to 45,000 people.By the end of the war, Oak Ridge was the fifth largest city in Tennessee.Town planners were originally to provide housing for an estimated 30,000 people, but by 1945, the population had reached 75,000.Architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) envisioned pleasant neighborhood communities with libraries, schools and shopping centers.

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