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If your school has a museum or art galleries on campus, you and your date could spend a leisurely afternoon wandering around, admiring paintings and discussing what you think. For many people a date screams, “elaborate production! Ultimately a date is just about getting to know someone, which is actually often easier to do in a simple setting.Finally, some campuses have a film society that will put on movies for students. A date can be something as low key as getting coffee.This is an especially good choice when you’re busy and only have time for a quick break from studying or activities.It’s a great way to spend a little time with someone you enjoy.

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He went to Oakland University where he studied English and Creative Writing during his undergrad.

Maybe there’s a part of campus you and your date have never been to; you can use your date to explore the new area. Grab some blankets and find a clear patch, with as little light pollution as possible.

Point out any constellations you know, make up new ones, or just see where contemplating the stars takes your conversation.

There are plenty of no-bake desserts out there you can make in a dorm. There are plenty of campus events that could be turned into a date night.

If your school’s drama department or theater club is putting on a production of interest to both of you, go! Similarly, take advantage of musical or artistic opportunities.

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