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Irish Prime Minister Eamon De Valera sets sail for England Eire Southern Ireland Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Eamon De Valera and Irish President Sean O'Kelly walk with others past camera Goods are loaded onto a ship Shot of De Valera standing with ship's captain and other men - possibly Irish politicians Two shot of De Valera and captain CU smoke coming out of funnel Views of the ship as it sets off for England Italy MV Towards Irish President Sean O'Kelly's car arriving at Quirinal Palace SV O'Kelly greeting officials he is accompanied by Dennis O'Devalin sp Irish Minister to Rome VS O'Kelly and President of Italy Einaudi They shake hands SV O'Kelly bidding farewell to President and officials SV Towards and pan O'Kelly's car with motorcycle escort.

Rome Italy GV Reception committee around President's aircraft SV Irish President Sean O'Kelly shaking hands with clergy CU Mrs O'Kelly CU O'Kelly shaking hands with clergy SV Pan caribinieri CU O'Kelly pan to Mrs O'Kelly MV O'Kelly gets into car SV Towards and pan to back view car driving away GV Exterior Villa Spada CU Irish emblem on gate of Villa Spada SV Towards O'Kelly followed by wife walking through doorway of CU Chauffeur doffing hat SV O'Kelly gets into car LV Towards and pan car leaving Villa Spada on way to Vatican MV Travel shot back view of car approaching and passing Garibaldi's statue MV Towards car passing Garibaldi statue on way to Vatican MV Travel shot towards St Peter's cathedral SV Swiss guards SV Towards and pan cars entering gate of courtyard LV Pan car driving across courtyard SV Pope's guard LV O'Kelly accompanied by clergy inspects Pope's guards MV Back view O'Kelly walking past clergy for audience with Pope SV American pilgrims outside St Peter's 2 shots GV O'Kelly leaving St Peter's accompanied by Pope's guard and dignitaries CU Swiss guard MV Elevated O'Kelly accompanied by dignitaries walking towards car MV Pope's guard SV O'Kelly enters car SV Away from camera car leaving St Peters LV Cars leaving St Peter's pan up to fountain and dome.

Arriving at the Presidents residence, Aras an Uachtarin, the cavalry present arms.

Members of the Government and the Council of State are shown with the President outside the residence.

Later, the President attends a Thanksgiving Day mass with Mc Quaid present.

As the President leaves the church he stops to kiss Mc Quaids ring, de Valera follows and does the same. The film draws attention to the fact that despite being in power since 1932, Fianna Fail has failed to relieve poverty or remove Dublin's tenements.

Provincial towns where Congress-related activities took place include Bitt, Co Offaly, Cashel and Kilkenny.

President of the Executive Council Eamon de Valera, Sean T OKelly, and the Archbishop of Dublin are also shown.

Congress scenes include a visit to Matt Talbots tomb, giant liners on the Liffey, and film of Count John Mc Cormack and G K Chesterton.This film was Ireland's first political campaign film and was widely attacked by Fianna Fail, who lost the election.Clann na Poblachta was a member of the subsequent Inter-Party, or Coalition, Government, which held power from 1948-1951. of the film and its reception see Rockett et al 19-80.Taoiseach Eamon de Valera and Archbishop Mc Quaid of Dublin in attendance.After his installation, the President is driven in cavalcade through Dublin with crowds lining OConnell St.The script which was foisted on [Flaherty] by our enlightened Department of Education was utterly devoid of any filmic content.( Laoghaire 199).p.c: Robert Flaherty for the Department of Education, p/d: Robert Flaherty, L Gaumont Studios, London, with Tomas ODiorain, Maggie Dirrane, Tiger King, Patch Ruadh, Michaeleen, b&w, 15 mins, 1934.Safety First Association of Ireland-sponsored Parade from Stephens Green to Parnell Square, Dublin.Irish Girl Guide Association march along Hatch Street. Catholic Boy Scouts; North City AIP (commemorating those who lost their lives in the North Strand bombings the previous year); Sean Moylan, Secretary General of the MOD (NFTVA)."At some stage in the 1980s the entire stock of film held at the National Library of Ireland was transferred to Radio Telefs Eireann (RTE).This film is a short election campaign film made for the (now defunct) political party Clann na Poblachta. The film highlights the problems of Ireland at the end of 1940s and calls for public effort to resolve these communal difficulties.Three members of Clann na Poblachta - Noel Hartnett, Dr Noel Browne and party leader Sean Mac Bride TD - speak to camera about aspects of the unhappy condition of modern Ireland after 25 years of self-government.

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