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Meanwhile, sex has also become an avenue for rebellion.

"Pornography to sex is like a restaurant menu to food -- if you can't ban people from eating, you can't ban people from seeing the menu." Amid hate mail and threats, Li has repeatedly urged the regime to overturn its bans on pornography and prostitution.

How far it goes depends on the government." While "hooligan crimes" -- laws basically prohibiting people from "messing around" as sex expert Li Yinhe laughingly put it -- were abolished in 1997, other vestiges of the country's traditional prudishness remain.

Group sex remains illegal, and in an infamous 2009 case 22 "wife swappers" were thrown in jail.

"Nowadays, a lot of people just want one-night stands.

Sex is very important, but for me, it can't be separated from love." She hasn't ruled out seeing Chinese men, but says that the taboos and double standards surrounding sex simply make relationships with them too complicated.

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