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Yes, she was touring right alongside Lil Pump and Smokepurrp on their first nationwide tour, and has DJ-ed for the likes of Lil Xan, Tracy, Trill Sammy and Maxo Kream but her “job description” extends much farther.

The LA-based creative is an entrepreneur and visionary, proving that girls can play just as hard as the boys. How did you get started DJing and how did you come up with the name Cam Girl? I can’t sing or dance at all, but I always loved music and wanted to be a performer.

From that point, I would randomly see Adam at parties around town, but we didn’t start working together immediately.

It happened almost a year later when I came by for my second podcast because Famous Dex had cancelled his interview.

My favorite color is definitely pink and I own a lot of pink items. I’ve never been to a place that matched my aesthetic more.

In my junior year, I studied abroad in London where I kept DJ-ing on the side for fun.Nothing that I do has caused any sort of influence on my day-to-day life, but some people look at me as though I am a pariah of the town when they find out what I do. Most days, I am in sweatpants with Netflix playing in the background.When people think of the adult industry, they think of highly sexual women with major “daddy issues” or a slutty girl “just asking for it”. I am in a very committed relationship, and never have the urge to have wandering eyes. Despite having an Instagram following upwards of 41,000 and having toured around the globe, the multi-hyphenate is still more or less an underdog in the music industry.After all, few are even aware that she’s one of the key driving forces behind Adam22’s prolific No Jumper podcast.House Phone, Adam, and I started talking about the expansion of No Jumper and I expressed all the things I knew how to do, including booking tours, making merch, etc.Shortly after, Adam asked me if I wanted to help him launch the No Jumper online store, which I am still running today. Being in tour with those guys was a crazy experience.Oh, and then there’s the group’s widely successful No Jumper online store and tours – both endeavors that were conceived by Adam and fully orchestrated by CAM GIRL.It would be an insult to simply label CAM GIRL as a DJ.I took pretty much any gig that was offered my way, no matter how small the pay was (if any) and how small the crowd was.Eventually, things started to pick up, my social media presence grew, and now here I am!

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