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She even came in on her days off just to hang around and help out at the gym. I’m no slouch, but damn if that lady doesn’t have a pair between her legs.”“You what? ” Big Alp asked, “Well, I defended myself and Cathy, but we split before we got hurt, so…” “You need to be more careful, what if one of them sees you on the street? This is ridiculous, what the hell is she gonna do about this? That’s actually why I’m here.” Sam said crossing her arms, “The boss wants to expand. ”Big Alp looked back to the door, “Why don’t we take it into my office.” She replied, pulling her keys free. They entered the room and Big Alp locked the door behind them. I don’t know what the hell you guys are up to but I won’t be pushing your drugs on any of my customers.” When she turned she found Sam sitting on the desk, it was practically a stool for someone her size. If you’re nice, maybe we’ll even buy you some more equipment.” A. Big Alp’s heart sank as the two locked eyes for a moment before Sam shrugged and moved on, exiting the gym. “I gotta call my dad back, he’s been leaving me voicemails left and right saying he’s gonna be down in three days and I don’t know if I’m ready for that.” Big Alp nodded slowly, deciding that it would be best to retreat back into her office.

It was nice, it gave Big Alp time to collect herself and look into ways to get the place financially stable. Rent for the place was expensive, being in a sizable lot in a lone building, not to mention the funds to keep the lights on and the water running. She needed to get out of the office, this room was suffocating her. At this rate the conclusion of this story is going to look like the end of Hot Fuzz. Could be an opportunity in it for you, Big Al.” “Big Alp.” She corrected. You need more information, they’re moving next door? Cathy stood there awkwardly rubbing her neck as though she had done something wrong during the encounter. She locked the door and waited for Cathy to leave the locker room before she turned out the lights.

Big Alp rubbed her eyes, it didn’t matter that she tried to help him out, now he’s in a whole different kind of mess. It was Tabitha with her new haircut and the same old catty smile on her face. She entered the room and sat down in front of Big Alp’s desk, leaning forward.

She looked at the poster on her wall and sighed, “What should I do, Eddie? The lone poster of Eddie smiled silently, his lips curled in a smile that really spoke to Big Alp.

Good job, idiot, you set a new record for losing a job, she told herself. Just as she was about to flex them again, someone sat down next to her.“Hey, gargirl.” She heard them say. “So who knows when she’ll be back.”Well, at least she knows where Val is. Not my style to leave a girl crying like that.” Replied Coop. Besides, he’s probably just trying to score points with Tabitha. You don’t want to talk about it, if he presses you, tell him to leave you alone. It’s been about twenty to twenty-five years since then.” Coop stated. I recently sent him a message, you know, before my shack got burned down.”“Did he reply? She sniffed and quickly dried up her tears to listen. “He told me he would forgive me if I did something for him.”“What was it? Tabby thinks she’s being threatened by them, but I told her we should think carefully. I mean he’s basically the reason I moved to Saint Monica in the first place.” Cathy stated, annoyed with the thought. She stood by herself with her head down and hands held in prayer. Look, you can either stay in during the day for a bit or just get it over with and go sunbathing. The fight she had with Cathy had kept her up thinking. If that the case with Sam then puppeteering Reach into fucking up this whole deal should be fairly easy task. The gunman stood nearby and unzipped his pants, standing a moment with his manhood out until he started to go. Y’know you Callista boys are so full of shit, I bet if I buried you right here you’d grow a tree out your ass.”The gunman stopped himself short and zipped up his pants. ” He asked, turning around, his rifle in hand.“And if it is? Gunfire and shouting erupted from the hall, but Sam didn’t look back. When they came to the bridge it looked completely unfinished. She bent down and placed her lips over his, closing her eyes until it was over. “For luck.” She said before she turned back to the stairs. She still had on the clothes from last night, she noticed. She’d worry about that later, right now that pounding on the door is giving her a headache. She looked flustered, bouncing a little from her anxiousness. ” Cathy replied cautiously, watching her friend make her way to the counter in her kitchenette. “I didn’t mean to make you cry like that.” She turned to face Cathy, her expression changing from a gloomy look to shock. The biggest problem right now however is trying to balance the right amount of characters without going overboard. Her dream was becoming a sinkhole for every dime she had. As she walked out onto the floor she looked out at the floor, there were a couple customers here and there, maybe one or two more than usual. As she stepped behind the front desk she looked back to see someone had entered.“Hi there, oh, it’s you Sam. ”Sam showed a bored expression, walking up to the desk. Follow her to the lockers and listen to what she has to say, best not to start a scene. Tell her you dealt with the ‘leak,’ like you said you would. Ask where her friends took Alex, you needed that income damn it. Ask if Alex is okay, if they’re treating him alright. Maybe we do need Cathy's daddy to show up with his old strike team to spank these naughty monster girls. After finding her way to the desk she sat down in her chair and laid her head down between her arms, silently crying herself to sleep. She wanted to avoid taking loans at first, but after running out of funds, she had to sell her house just to pay them back and keep the place running. “I have some good news for you.” She motioned towards the lockers. Big Alp followed the oni to the locker room, looking back out to the floor to make sure no one was watching. C, as in "Can't wait to see Taken 3: The Monsters Without."326301Gonna go ahead and lock in Charlie. All of them were written with that same brand of crazy she knew her dad for. “Listen, I didn’t get kidnapped, I didn’t eat anybody’s face, nobody died.”“That might change when I get there.” He replied. “Must have been important for you to come looking for me, what’s up? She drew in closer to his face and sniffed for a moment, then withdrew in confusion. Honestly she had no idea what that danuki saw in him, but who cares? Sam placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling him away while the others were too focused on each other to notice. Alex shivered with fear and anticipation, this was going to be a shit show.“It seems someone else needs to be taught respect. Just as she was about to shout out a gunshot cracked through the air. It had to be him, no one else was in this building. Besides, I got these guns right here.” She said jokingly. “Look, if what you’re telling me is true then we’re both gonna have bad experiences with guns. Oddly enough her tail and horns remained unchanged, but her arms and legs were covered up to her shoulders and waist. That’s why I’ve stuck with Big Alp all these years… He’s changed, and not just the alp parts.” Tabitha remarked. Talking with Tabby now is also bad since Sam probably will work out normally. Cathy stepped outside of the building and pulled out her phone, scrolling through the many texts her dad had sent her. Cathy pulled her head back away from the phone to save her ears. Everything is fine.” She said, slowly putting the phone back up to her ear. You’re not going to eat their faces, either.” Said Cathy.“Is kidnapping still on the table? When she turned back to face forward, she saw Val had finally made it down. The lady at the desk pointed her toward the waiting room where Cathy was sitting.“Hey, so you came to see me, huh? She stood in front of Cathy with her hands on her hips. She looked back at Reach Around briefly, then back to Callista. Her gaze left Sam for the man in question, then sighed, presumably letting is slide for now. Callista continued to inspect Alex, lifting his arms and feeling his muscles like she was purchasing produce at the market. There might be a huge blowout between Callista and the Junko sisters, though. Her heart began to race, should she call out to him? She didn’t want to draw attention to his absence but what else could she do? She poked her head around the doorway, only to be met with gunfire that chipped away at the wall beside her. Sam glanced down the hall again, catching a glimpse of the guy. “Look, whoever you are, I want the same thing as you. Looking into the room for a split second, she saw they were gone. When she decided it was safe, she held it up for Tabitha to see. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with these things. The ‘stone’ around her body seemed to be mostly on her sides and back from what she could tell. Cathy came out of the bathroom hastily dressed, grabbing Tabitha’s hand. My dad is going to be here today and I need to figure this shit out! I wasn’t sure back then but I know it’s because of a drug he took.”Cathy was astonished, it was like she had opened the floodgates. I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”“It’s alright, I wanted to tell you. People just calling each other alps like it was an insult. “By-ye, Da-ad.” Replied Cathy as she hung up on him. For now getting through her shift was next on her list. “We’ll talk at your place.” She said in a hushed tone. Then I punched someone.” Tabby finished, “So what’s Sam got to do with this? “Let’s say I believe you, what do you think she was talking to Big Alp about? Pulling the strings to her hoodie tight, she changed course and jogged to the police station. That way if Cathy gets grabbed her rescuers will have something to go on. Looking around, she saw that she was alone in the room, save for the chairs set in rows going back to a wall of windows facing the front of the hospital. Her guards followed closely behind, keeping their eyes on the Cupid thugs behind Sam. While Callista’s humanoid half was not as large as her, Sam couldn’t help but feel small compared to the hybrid’s full length. If Alex felt intimidated around her then who knows how scared he would act in front of this hybrid. ” Callista scrunched up her nose in anger, “I can smell a woman’s scent on him. I know the difference between Love Spice and a woman’s scent, he’s been with someone! “Step aside, Oni, I will speak to this one.” She hissed, beckoning him. If anything I'd think Tabby/Coop would be more plausible. She’s taking money and new equipment for her keeping quiet about them.” Tabby said.“Hey… I forgot to say it before but…” Cathy began, still keeping pace with Tabitha. Cathy nodded, only to get smothered by Tabby’s big arms in a hug. Tell me why you think that’s a good enough reason.” He demanded. Val told you both to stay out of trouble, you should tell her instead.326466B. Cathy looked around for a moment, then back to Tabitha. I got a good look at her that night and she has the same eyes and body type as that masked oni.”Tabitha turned to Cathy, her brows furrowed. Sam said she’d ‘be in touch.’ Cathy stopped, I should tell Val, she thought. As she waits she should write down everything she knows, especially the people she suspects are involved, then send a copy to her dad and try to hide a hard copy somewhere Val (ideally only Val) will find it. Maybe she was being paranoid not trusting any other cop with this information, but it’s what her Dad would have done. Good, somewhere she can rest while she waited, it was pretty ‘late’ for her after all, being a night person. “I want to see his face.” Callista said, slithering closer to them. “He’s been working in the lab with Fetch as we told you. I’m sure the smell is just the fumes he’s been exposed to-”“I know that, you drunkard! Cathy/Coop would be funny but I don't think there's much setup for it yet. ” She didn’t seem sure herself, Cathy thought.“Well it doesn’t matter anyway, the thing is I learned Big Alp is under Cupid’s thumb and by extension this Junko company. Her dad went silent again, probably thinking of what to say next. After all these years you’d think I’d be use to this, she thought to herself. Eventually their shift ended, and the two of them met in the lockers to collect their stuff. Cuz let me tell you that shit was annoying, like an hour straight. “Oka-ay.” She whispered back.“You know, my dad is coming down in three days. You think he’s overbearing now, just wait until you meet him.” Cathy said, grabbing her stuff and half-skipping out of the locker room, with Tabitha following. a bit of a gun nut.”Tabby’s eyes narrowed, “what kinda gun nut, like a collector? I mean you won’t believe it but when he trained me I swear He turned me into a completely different person.”“In what way…? “I’ll tell you some other time.” Cathy said as they walked up to the front door to Tabitha’s house. “You still owe me a pair of shorts.” Cathy said, scowling. ” Asked Tabitha.“Tabby, think about it, the other night when Alex got kidnapped.” Replied Cathy. ”“Alright, so you say Sam looks like the oni from the other night. She’s big, tough, keeps to herself.” Tabby said, thinking about it more.“She could be the muscle. Cathy climbed up the steps and entered the building, quickly making her way to the front desk. The thought of what had happened earlier in the sunlight had her feeling nervous. She sighed, “I called because, well, it’s about me… He shrugged and nodded, prompting her to take the bag off from Alex’s head. Callista grabbed his chin with one hand and looked at his face from all angles, inspecting every feature on his face, every hair on his head. Callista stood over him at least a head and a half, her tail whipping back and forth as she listened. Cathy got down on the floor and began rummaging under her bed for something. “You can also just give the trigger a squeeze and it’ll fire but it’s a little tough if you’re not use to it.” Cathy explained, demonstrating once again with a click from the gun. “Look, I get it, how about I leave the gun with the expert, okay? Something my dad drilled into me.” She said, looking back into the box to pull out a holster with a strap. Just text your dad and tell him you’re gonna be out for a bit. Ask her about her experiences with guns, why is she so skittish around them? Joke about how it looks like you’re a no call no show for work.332607 about a possible male victim being a love interest. “It was years ago, back when I had just started working with Big Alp - before all this shit started. She gasped for air, pounding her fists on Tabitha’s tough abs. “Me and my friend were trying to get to the bottom of this when we got jumped.” She explained. The hours passed by as Tabby and Cathy helped where they were needed and worked out with some of the gym members who wanted trainers. Sam might come back and you don’t want her to know you’re on to her. Warn her that your dad is gonna be here in three days. One of Tabitha’s ears cocked back as she raised an eyebrow. ” Cathy shouted.“Hey that was that Love Spice shit, I had no control over that.” Tabitha replied. I remember a few things but my memory doesn’t clear up until we got to the police station.”“You must have been hit with Love Spice pretty hard.” Cathy explained. ”Cathy shook her head, “Who knows, maybe she’s got something on her? Cathy nodded, “Yeah, we should.”“And then what, we go talk to Big Alp and try to help her out? It wasn’t long before she got there, the lobby door lit up the same as the other night. On the bright side, if getting caught is part of the plan we could get some cute "twins" art of Cathy and Dr. She quickly made her way in and took a seat closest to the doorway, her back to the sun that poked through the cracks between the chairs. She noticed one of gunmen was staring at her and Alex intensely before looking away to one of the buildings. The hybrid stopped just a few feet from them, still smiling that same smile, her sharp eyes growing sharper as she narrowed them. Sam looked to Reach Around who was standing a few feet behind her, a freshly lit cigarette in his mouth. She hoped desperately that he could keep his cool as she inspected him. ” Sam looked back to Reach Around and shook her head, “Unless that jackass had his way with him I assure you, he is as fresh a virgin as they come.” She said. He approached, shooting Sam a look that could kill. Especially once it's revealed that he's basically a homeless James Bond who's been protecting them from the shadows, that would have to appeal to a Jinko's warrior spirit. We don’t have time for this, come on Cathy, get it together. “I accept your apology and I’m sorry for the way I acted as well.” Tabitha stopped and smiled. Cathy returned the hug, holding her breath as best as she could until Tabby decided she had hugged her long enough. She’d been hearing good things about Cathy, she’d been doing well if everything Tabitha had said about her was true, not to mention she already bounced back from that little incident with that Alex guy. Speaking of, Valerie had said he had been kidnapped.

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