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California-based techie Hrishikesh Sathawane, 43, returned to India for a visit in mid-2016; he was hoping to find the right guy to settle down with. Hrishi remembers the feeling he had when he read Vinh’s bio: “The moment I looked at his profile, all the criteria matched. It was a turning point in their relationship: Hrishi began to feel that his dreams of having a family of his own could come true with Vinh. “I don’t know if it was all that Hrishi’s family back in Yavatmal, India, were overjoyed to hear his news. A few months after he got back to the US, in October 2016, Hrishi came across a profile on a dating website: Vinh, a 35-year-old Math professor who hailed from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They spent their Christmas holiday there, and Hrishi was welcomed by Vinh’s family as his significant other. On a clear day, in California’s picturesque Antelope Valley — a poppy reserve where the bright orange flowers spread over several hundred acres — Hrishi popped the question: Would Vinh consent to spending the rest of their lives together? Was the proposal inspired by a Hollywood/Bollywood romcom?Hrishi says of the days leading up to the ceremony, “Our relatives had mixed reactions: a few were happy and present at the event.But there were many who also gossiped about how ‘unnecessary’ my ‘wedding in India’ was.To which the (choreographers) replied: ‘But where’s the girl?’” Vinh and Hrishi did get their romantic song after all — and their slow dance to ‘ Post-nuptials, the couple was inundated with messages on social media, most of them congratulatory.

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A leading national daily claimed the police in Yavatmal were investigating Hrishi and Vinh’s commitment ceremony. ” Hrishi asks, adding that there has been no such development.

Hrishi and Vinh also decided to have a commitment ceremony in India in January 2018 before their legal wedding in California in the summer of this year.

Photos from their commitment ceremony— the traditional celebrations — went viral on social media. Hrishi and Vinh were hailed as bold champions of the queer community’s rights.

Even before we could connect, I knew he was The One,” Hrishi says. “Being in my 40s, I was hoping to settle down and adopt children… In June of 2017, they threw a party for the engaged couple.

Vinh told Hrishi about a cousin’s upcoming wedding in Sydney, and they decided to use the occasion as a reason to go on a road trip in Australia.

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