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Visual Studio Code is a streamlined code editor with support for development operations like debugging, task running and version control.

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We plan to improve this in the future but for now you can exclude folders from the explorer via settings and they will not be searched for project files: The Electron shell used by Visual Studio Code has trouble with some GPU (graphics processing unit) hardware acceleration.If VS Code is displaying a blank (empty) main window, you can try disabling GPU acceleration when launching VS Code by adding the Electron VS Code does a background check to detect if the installation has been changed on disk.This is done since some extensions directly modify (patch) the VS Code product in such a way that is semi-permanent (until the next update) and this can cause hard to reproduce issues.You can switch between platforms as you work to compare the behavior of your code.When you run your project, Visual Studio launches the PPAPI and Native Client platforms in different ways, as explained in the next sections.This offers the ability to port existing code incrementally, rewriting functions using the PPAPI interfaces one piece at a time.Since the module is built with Visual Studio’s native compiler (MSBuild) you can use the Visual Studio debugger to control and inspect your code. All of them can be used to build Native Client modules.Our docs contain a Common Questions section as needed for specific topics.We've captured items here that don't fit in the other topics.From File Important Notice: This option requires a restart of VS Code to take effect.VS Code collects usage data and sends it to Microsoft to help improve our products and services. If you don’t wish to send usage data to Microsoft, you can set the You can ask questions and search for answers on Stack Overflow and enter issues and feature requests directly in our Git Hub repository.

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