Dating an indecisive man

You're not the only one who has had failed long-term relationships...

I'm pretty sure POF wouldn't be here if it was a perfect world out there.

And even as I ponder this..somewhere deep inside I long for the whole package, but after two long term failed relationships I find myself thinking either I am the common denominator and shouldn't be with anyone, or I picked two wrong men for me.

It frustrates me because I really enjoy the company of a man.

It has caused me to ponder where do I see a man in my life and how do I make him fit when I really don't want to give up my heart, yet I want someone I connect with who shares my interests and wants to do things with me outside the bedroom.

Have you ever asked yourself....'What do I really want?

Well straight to the point: If you don't know what you want, you're hooped. If you can't deal with something like this then seek counselling or something.

I can't even make up my mind sometimes if that is all I want or is it more? I can do a relationship with just one seems I just can't make up my mind if being cautious is key or just taking a leap of faith, again, is the way to go?

:)"And even as I ponder this..somewhere deep inside I long for the whole package, "Bingo... you are perfectly exemplifying what some one says when they say a BBD "Bigger Better Deal".... Even the fact, that more people are with someone, than being single doesn't prove it.

You are happy as long as you have someone and they fit that niche to kill the hurt/loneliness/co dependant spot/ whatever, and then as soon as something shinier comes along.. Here is my analysis (I'm an analyst).: On this website, to any given person within a 50 mile radius at any given place, there is probably only 1, but most likely zero number of people fitting so well, that they could spend a lifetime together.

The only time I felt indecisive about having a relationship was during the first few months after my divorce, when I had trust issues to work through.

Once I did that, I felt ready for a serious relationship.

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