Dating a photo who is jillian michaels dating 2016

Photos taken during the Civil War may have a tax revenue stamp on it.

Jewelry might help date a photo especially in cases where men are wearing fraternal organization medals.

We now live in a time where a vast many resources exist that can help us identify and date old photographs.

Yes, it's difficult when there is not a name on the back of the photo, but it is not impossible.

While this is one technique that can be implemented, you never want to solely date a picture by the clothing that people are wearing.

One reason is that people did not purchase clothing as often as we do now.

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A few years back, I was involved in selling scrapbook supplies.Edin Photo, is a web site that includes a very detailed description of all types of photography processes.Costume In articles about dating photographs one of the ways to identify them, which is emphasized time and time again, is by looking at your ancestor's costume (or clothing).A woman I knew who was also involved in the same scrapbook company told me about a collection of old photos she had inherited from her parents who had long since passed away.My friend explained to me that no matter how hard she tried, she could not figure out who the people were in these photographs.Certain types of scenes were popular in different time periods; for example, frontier scenes and landscapes were popular in the 19th century.Some props may have been the photographers, like books, so don't assume that because your ancestor was posing next to it that it was theirs.This site includes an easy to understand history of 19th century photographic techniques, along with photographic examples.Photo Tree has an archive of 1,000 photos that you can use to compare your photo and help yourself figure out the date a photograph was taken.We've all heard terms like Cartes de Visite, Cabinet Cards, and Daguerreotypes.It can be difficult to commit to memory these various photographic processes and when they were used.

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