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I am spending more time with my family and friends these days." She wore blindfold at home for role In her new drama, , Myolie Wu plays a strong career woman who becomes blind after a car accident.She then plunges into depression, until her boyfriend (played by Moses Chan) helps her to get back on track.Almost two years after her wedding to British-born businessman Philip Lee, Myolie Wu is welcoming a new member to the family!The Hong Kong actress posted a series of super cute photos taken in Maldives on her Instagram account last weekend, in time for Mother’s Day.今年的母親節太特別了,感恩上天送給我們的禮物,感覺好奇妙。我們的李寶寶已經迫不急待在我肚子裏做起仰臥起坐了,寶寶再等一下,爸爸和媽媽也很期待和你見面呢!!😁❤️👶🏻 @hakkaphil @peraquumniyama A post shared by myoliemyolie (@myoliemyolie) on Awww… Her husband also posted a photo on his Instagram account, where he was seen having his ear on her belly to hear the baby’s heartbeat. So for now I will just try to listen to your little heartbeat.” Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful mother to be. He accompanied the post with the caption, “Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful mother to be. ” Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world (including me😁)!

She ended the series of posts with a sweet photo of her husband kissing her belly, with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world (including me)!

Said Wu: "Usually, he doesn't interfere with my work.

If he is against me working in the entertainment industry, he wouldn't have dated an actress in the first place." When asked what she liked most about Lee, she smiled and said: "I don't mind the media knowing that I am dating him, but I don't want everyone to keep focusing on him.

She said: "That gave me the confidence to be a mother. We only live once, of course I hope to have kids in the future." Wu, who was in good spirits, was the complete opposite of how this reporter remembered her during an interview a few years ago.

Back then, she appeared serious and was guarded about her personal life.

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