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Suddenly a waiter with a very short nose came out of another room and screamed up the stairs: ‘Cotherum steak. Sala says was given to a friend of his who asked (at the Cock) for a hard boiled egg with his salad: ‘A hegg! Wodehouse dined there in the early twentieth century.

If Halbert Hedward ‘imself wuz to cum ‘ere he couldn’t ‘ave a hegg.’ Whoever really cares to see the last of the Old London chop-houses, let him, when next in London, look up the sign of YE OLDE CHESHYRE CHEESE. Yeats and Ernest Rhys founded the Rhymer’s Club at the Cheese.

The literary history of the Cheese continued after the time of Pennell’s writing.

The West Coast Main Line (WCML) is one of the most important intercity railway lines in the United Kingdom.

Following amalgamation, in 1922, Following amalgamation, in 1922, the line became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS).

The pub is popular with City financial workers and attracts sightseers for a pint where Dickens and Dr Johnson drank before them. Wodehouse all refreshed themselves here over the years.On my asking the policeman where in the world I could get something to eat—as it is well known one must starve in London on Sunday before one and after three—he gave me the inevitable answer, ‘Down to the bottom, first to your left, under the lamp, up the passage, and there you are! Yes, sir; thank you, sir.’ Then up the stairs he added: ‘Underdone steak one! Perhaps I should except the restless waiter, who, when anyone came in, rushed to the bottom of the stairs and gave his unearthly yell. In my own small way I have endeavoured to lead some modern junior novelists and poets there, to show them how near they could come to some of the great masters whom they apparently worship so thoroughly.’ After he had repeated these mysterious directions two or three times, and had found me hopelessly ignorant of his meaning, he did what I have very seldom known a London policeman to do—a proof of his loneliness; he walked to the end of Chancery Lane with me, and there being no one in Fleet Street, pointed out the sign of the Cheshire Cheese. Soon down the same stairs came the translation of the yell in the shape of the steak I had ordered, and with it the potatoes in their jackets, all on old blue willow-ware plates. But on the only occasion when I succeeded in placing one probably in the seat of Goldsmith or Herrick, he sniffed at the chops and remarked that if Johnson had had a napkin it would have been better for his personal appearance.It has drawn a similar clientele for more than a century. When the journalist Cyrus Redding took up residence nearby in 1806, there were still a few old men who remembered Dr Johnson and his circle, known as “The Club,” holding meetings at the Cheese.The Cheese has long-standing literary associations. Samuel Johnson, in the eighteenth century, and Charles Dickens, in the nineteenth, were the most famous regulars, but Oliver Goldsmith, Edmund Burke, James Boswell, William Makepeace Thackeray, Wilkie Collins, Mark Twain, Lord Tennyson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, W. This group included Boswell, Burke, Goldsmith, and the artist Sir Joshua Reynolds. Johnson had been dead about twenty years, but there were Fleet Street tradesmen who well remembered both Johnson and Goldsmith in this place of entertainment.The line was built in stages between the 1830s and the 1870s, with the first stages being the Grand Junction Railway (Warrington - Birmingham) and the London and Birmingham Railway, both completed in the 1830s.These lines, together with the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the Northern Union Railway and the Manchester and Birmingham Railway amalgamated in 1846 to form the London and North Western Railway (LNWR).He was a driver, and as a child of about 7-10 years old I went down to Dallam shed with him.He also took me to work with him on a number of occasions after he gave up main line driving.The line links London and Glasgow on a 401-mile route which runs via the West Midlands, the North West and southern Scotland.It is the mainline service passing through Warrington Bank Quay.

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