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SEX SLAVES Written and directed by Ric Esther Bienstock Produced by Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev, Simcha Jacobovici ANNOUNCER: These women have been torn from their lives, taken from their families and sold into slavery.

They are victims of a multi-billion-dollar international business that traffics hundreds of thousands of women a year.

KATERINA, Trafficked to Turkey: [subtitles] She treated us quite well. ANYA: [through interpreter] I thought I was going to work in a shop.

We were told that there are lots of women from Moldova and Russia working there. KATERINA: [through interpreter] I can’t say I was very happy or excited.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, of course: As La Cour and Green point out, “The question is whether brief or indirect contact is sufficient to produce meaningful and enduring attitude change,” and “[r]ecent literature reviews have been tentative on this point,” partly because there’s a lack of experiments that track people’s beliefs in the long It’s part of a challenge inherent to most studies aimed at examining how people’s political views change.I thought I’d find at least one kind person, or that one of those pimps would set me free.NARRATOR: Odessa, Ukraine, a port town on the Black Sea known for its nightlife and its beautiful women.There are many reasons to be skeptical of the idea that you can change someone’s mind on a hot-button political issue simply by talking to them.We hold many of our political beliefs close, and our brains are built in a way to filter out and discount evidence that challenges them.Tonight, FRONTLINE takes a hidden camera look deep inside the new global sex trade.VLAD, Trafficker: [through interpreter] Our girls are in high demand since they’re quite pretty and easily accessible. ANNOUNCER: FRONTLINE also follows one man who’s determined to get his wife back before she’s lost for good to the world of the traffickers.I worried a bit because we were heading for a foreign country. NARRATOR: Turkey has become one of the largest markets for women trafficked from Ukraine and the old Soviet Bloc.Its lax visa requirements make it an easy port of entry to Europe and the Middle East for traffickers like Olga.Those personal stories the gay canvassers told appear to have had a bigger impact than the stories straight canvassers told about friends or family Finally, it appears that whatever went on here was contagious: There was also an increase in acceptance of gay marriage among those who simply lived with someone contacted by a gay canvasser, despite the fact that they themselves didn’t speak with them.This suggests that the voters in question related the stories the gay canvassers told them to housemates and family members, and that this storytelling helped change minds (the secondhand effect among housemates and family members of those who spoke with straight canvassers was very It would be a stretch to necessarily apply these findings to other controversial issues, like race, where different and perhaps more persistent prejudices might affect people’s views.

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