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There are no laws against Confederate flags in the works, though their days of flying over government property are numbered.Moreover, calling out one really old show for making Aryans look hunky is not an effort at revisionism, which seems to be a favorite allegation, or censoring or the beginning of "taking away" other old films or TV shows because of its dated mores.Similarly, Carver notes that the Loser doesn’t have to exhibit all of the symptoms listed below to be dangerous.The presence of even three of these symptoms indicates a potentially harmful relationship.No one is even trying to ban guns, which is what actually killed those people in Charleston who had welcomed a stranger into Bible study.It does not reflect upon you for liking a show that was a car ad for a big-time racist symbol. But at some point, if you are aware that something offends others, it is probably worth reflecting: why?" What is really prompting TV Land from pulling these reruns, like Wal Mart and Google no longer selling Confederate flags, is that nobody wants to be associated with it.It's bad for business, and this is a free market where consumer perception matters.

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" More than once, I have seen people question, "What's next?

But because we grew up with it, it's sentimental, it's tradition, it reflects the pride of my people.

(A lot of people grew up with segregation, too.) That day turned out to be the massacre at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.

" with a list of other things that might be prone to "revisionism." I figured this day would come, where we would look back on a beloved show from childhood and minimize the implications from the Confederate flag on their car.

Because in many ways, it echoes what we hear Southerners say in their defense of the flag: This is what we grew up with, but it wasn't being used to advance racism or slavery at that time, it was more like a local flag.

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