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Not only are they special to read in the presence of each other, but they help keep us connected when we are away from each other.” And how cute will it be when you read them all over to your kids when you’re married? We all know how awkward eye contact can be, even with our SOs sometimes. Try dropping the distractions and staring into each other’s eyes for four minutes, then talk about what you thought.It seems like a long time, but it actually goes by quickly.This is especially important if you’re in a long-distance relationship.Phone calls and Face Times are nice, but a handwritten letter once in a while will show your SO just how much you love them.“My boyfriend are in a long distance relationship, and we write letters so we can give them to each other when we finally reconnect in person,” says Alexis Rogers, a sophomore at Temple University, “Being able to write letters to express my feelings is so special.We both treasure each other's letters, equally and if not more than other gifts we have given each other.“My boyfriend and I talk about our future together at random times,” says Kayleen Parra-Padron, a senior at Florida International University, “We'll just look at each other and list all the things we're excited for in the future; we talk about moving out and decorating our future appointment, the names of our future dogs and what after school activities our kids will be doing.” Need help thinking of good conversation starters?Psychologist Arthur Aron, along with a few partners, composed a study to see how becoming vulnerable with your SO can lead to a closer relationship.

” and “What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?Seeing the scrawl of your loved one automatically brings about the butterflies you get when you’re watching “The Notebook” or “Dear John” (dang you, Nicholas Sparks), and there’s just something about having written proof that someone is, in fact, in love with you.Writing out your thoughts can make it so much more meaningful, because your partner will be able to see that you poured your heart out onto the page.It makes you feel deeply connected to that person, even if you’re just walking down the street.“My SO and I have always been huge on holding hands,” says Amanda Goecke, a junior at Carthage College, “If we're walking somewhere unfamiliar he'll hold out his hand to me for protection and to keep me close.It can tell you a lot about your partner’s values and how you two can fit together spiritually.However, ultimately the goal of faith is for it to be a personal connection.Often we think of these things as touches that could possibly lead up to sex or at least a steamy make-out session.But even spending a few extra seconds hugging your SO can make you feel more connected.” Try asking a few of these questions next time you get tired of talking about your classes. It’s instinctual for humans to touch each other as a sign of protection and love.Hugging and massaging are underrated ways to show intimacy.

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