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The guy who fails to stay within his budget owes the other guy that budget in dollars.We’ve gone back and forth with the goals, I miss, he misses, we both miss, and we’ve essentially had a wash with the budget thing. The guy has built a couple successful businesses, and is continuing to build more.We have our weekly call to set out our goals for the week and then we go over last week’s goals. Whomever doesn’t accomplish everything on their to do list owes the other fella some money. ( 11 Tips to Budget Your Money like a Winner)We’ve also added this to a monthly budget.Mingle with some of the hottest men the city has to offer while you enjoy drink specials and take part in the "Hottest Fireman Contest!" With the firemen drinking for free, this could be your chance to get carried out of the bar!

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It had been two weeks since I got back from a 3 month trip to Argentina.Snag your very own hero at this singles soiree which gathers together the city's hottest FIREMEN.If NY's bravest leave you breathless, we have a feeling you'll have no trouble getting some mouth-to-mouth!awesome, of accomplishing great things, this mindset is ass backwards.Never compare yourself to another human, it’s a fruitless endeavor, one that will rip you of the ability to be happy or satisfied or to see the good in your life.‘Twas a journey filled with adventure and new things, but one that lacked the routine that I thrive in where my work is concerned, so upon my return I vowed to get up before am on day one, and every day thereafter, something that I’ve now done for two weeks, a seemingly tall task in a time period that Christmas and New Years Eve falls under, but it has been done nonetheless.I found myself feeling proud of getting up and at my work over this time period, which is a good thing, but as soon as that pride turned into satisfaction and the mind rationalizing a day off, an alarm-free morning, I knew there was something wrong with my line of thinking, a weakness, a sense of accomplishment that was the result of a comparison of my current results in relation to past results when the comparison should always be in relation to my potential.We have to stick within a dollar amount when it comes to entertainment expenses.That includes unnecessary dining out (business excluded), booze, movies, music purchases, and whatever else we’d deem non-essential and non-business.The satisfaction of a job well done is a great thing, but to be satisfied should inspire us to chase the man we’re aiming to become 5 years down the line, it should give us evidence that we become him, and that our goals aren’t just dreams or wishes but realities in the future that are waiting for us to grab a hold of them. Most live a disciplined life for a while and then feel as though they’ve deserved time off or an alarm-free morning, and it’s never just a day off or a morning, those rewards compound and they compound without merit, and I’m about done with this comparison to my past, this false sense of accomplishment simply because it’s in comparison to something and someone that hadn’t yet accomplished it. Therein lies the focus of this year, not just for me, but for you as well.Where many of us trip up is with these false rewards, low expectations of who we are and what we can accomplish because of who we’ve been up to this point.

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