Rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif dating

Though Aamna is currently missing from the scene, when working for KTH, the actress was always in the news for her alleged relationship with co-star Rajeev.The actress however blatantly denied all rumours and maintained hat Rajeev and her are friends and nothing more.

The same was confirmed by her mother-in-law Shabnam Kapoor who informed a popular portal saying,”We are very happy.

But she couldn’t make it since her own film, Sarkar Raj, was releasing on the same date.

I’d just say that I haven’t found love yet, the city has nothing to do with it. I thought of all the people who have mattered to me in my career and Ekta was one of them. I sent her an sms and she was kind enough to reply to my message.

What’s the status of romance in your private life today?

The talk that we were seeing each other went on for three years.

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